Täby Brandskyddsteknik

2 mars, 2022

Tunnel Léopold II aka Annie Cordy

The renovation works in the longest tunnel in Belgium are now completed!

For us, it meant:

33 months of work mostly at night

62 000 sqm of fire protection

3 900 m of cable ducts

19 800 sqm of architectural lining

5 000 sqm of noise reduction

1 rescued kitten

We are proud of our contribution to the renovation of tunnel Léopold II aka Annie Cordy as it got remade inside out – including a new name. (Especially proud of coaxing the kitten from her hiding spot in the tunnel and finding her a new home to be honest.)

With many parties involved in the works, we are happy we had the chance to assist our client Circul 2020 in this special project.

It was a challenge and many lessons learned. Thank you all for the collaboration!

#JanDeNul #Denys #BESIX #EQUANSBeLux #fireprotection #Brussels #teamwork #civilengineering

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