Marieholms tunnel, Gothenburg, Sweden.

14 oktober 2016

The Marieholm Connection Project has started to relieve the everyday traffic congestion between the Port of Gothenburg and Hisingen.
Part of it is a new Marieholm road tunnel which is lead by Züblin. It is constructed as an immersed tunnel, the main body below the river, and two cut and cover tunnels on the river sides connecting the traffic.
And so the adventure begins. TBT has started with installation of fire protection which is designed as ”lost formwork” – the fire protection boards are placed on bottom of the formwork and they are cast-in with steel reinforcement on top. This enables to work efficiently and fast while the tunnel itself is in construction and we get to go for short trips to Gothenburg every couple of weeks.
Other part of our work on Marieholm tunnel includes post-fixed boards and sprayed fire protection that will start once the main structure of the tunnel is completed. The tunnel shall be finished in 2020 and if you are as excited as we are, you can follow up the construction live on the website of the main contractor,