Altstadtringtunnel Munich

11 september 2023

We are finishing 2 more contract at the Altstadtringtunnel in Munich.
We were awarded last year by the City of Munich to perform the cladding of the 4 tunnel ramps with a granite cladding, a noise absorption cassette system and a hand rail on top.

We knew the project already from the previous works of the fire protection cladding on the tunnel ceiling and been successful to win an additional contract about the structural and fire protection works for the new monitoring system of the pre-stressed tunnel ceiling.

For the granite cladding we installed 2900 sqm of stones and we managed to reduce the thickness with a smart subframe system from Allface by 10 mm and saved a good amount of stones and transport from Asia.
For the noise cassettes we created together with Allface a new carrier profile for a precise and fast installation. The installation under partly traffic was a challenge but well handled by all parties on site.

For the monitoring different type of sensors where installed in the tunnel. Temperature sensors in the tunnel ceiling, deformation sensors on the middle wall to measure deflection of ceiling and walls and each tunnel block git 8 microphones to locate and recognize failure in the pre-stressed wires. We have opened and closed the fire protection on the ceiling, installed boxes from fire protection boards over the sensors, installed stainless cable tubes for the routing of the cables, cable trays, fire stops, fire rated cable ducts and drilled for the temperature sensors holes in the ceiling with 16 mm diameter and up to 1900 mm deep.

It was en exciting year with the great client in terms of technical discussions and cooperation.
We looking forward to start the next contract with some steel works on top of the technical rooms soon.