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Tunnel builders throughout Europe and other parts of the world hire TBT for inventory of needs, choice of materials, project planning and execution of fire prevention measures. We also provide evacuation doors, noise protection, aesthetic surface treatment and architectural lining

Konrad Aurin, Department of Tunnels, Täby Brandskyddsteknik

People that travel through or stay in tunnels and other subterranean locations have the right to an extra high level of preventive and active fire protection.
TBT:s Tunnel department has solid experience within this area, and with ongoing close cooperation with tunnel and community builders, researchers and consultants, manufacturers of materials and equipment and systems for efficient fire protection.
Our services in this area includes inventory, planning, execution and coordination of fire protection as well as other functional and esthetic aspects in conjunction with tunnel building.


Stockholm’s City Line is a 6 km long railway tunnel now being built underneath the Swedish capital’s inner city. After several years of planning the project was initiated in 2009, aiming at inauguration in 2016.
In addition to the dual main railway tracks, the project also includes one service tunnel, two safety tunnels and other facilities.
Early in 2014, the main construction company assigned Täby Brandskyddsteknik to look over the total project from a fire protection point of view, and eliminate any potential fire hazards. This review resulted in some rather extensive changes to the original plans, not just to ensure reliable fire protection but also to eliminate unnecessary costs.


The requirements for fire protection are particularly high in tunnels, rock shelters, garages and other subterranean locations. Täby Brandskyddsteknik offers world-leading competence in this area.


Our tunnel team is frequently assigned by building contractors around the world to carry out fire protection measures in infrastructure projects. We are also assigned for other types of functional and esthetic surface treatment underground. And architectural lining.


Here you will find some video clips from our tunnel projects.


Video about a tunnel project in Austria

English voice without subtitles.


English voice with german subtitles.

About fire protection in tunnels

In a fire situation the structural concrete in the tunnel’s ceiling and walls are heated up very quickly. With a few minutes the temperature inside the concrete can reach nearly 1200oC.
The moisture nearest to the surface evaporates directly, the rest moves further inwards, and a major part of it accumulates around the steel reinforcement . As the moisture expands, the concrete spall with great force, and in many cases the tunnel collapses.
The most important aspect of fire protection in tunnels, by far, is to prevent such a course of events. And this is the very area where Täby Brandskyddsteknik has world-leading competence.


TBT offers world-leading competence in fire protection in tunnels. We are frequently assigned by tunnel builders around the world to improve safety and eliminate unnecessary costs.

Beyond the vitally important task to safeguard the tunnel’s ceiling and walls, we offer a complete range of products and services to ensure passive and active fire protection in other construction elements including:

  • Fire protection of concrete
  • Fire insulation, fire coating and sectioning
  • Flue gas tunnels and evacuation doors
  • Emergency lighting, emergency and evacuation signs
  • Alarms, extinguishers, first aid equipment, etc.
We also provide:
  • Measures for noise reduction
  • Aesthetic treatment and architectural lining of all normally occurring surface layers, with or without underlying fire protection measures.

Video films

Driving through the Söderleden tunnel

PDF document

TBT Omega-profil 50 & L-profil 50



Download and read the brochure about TBT Omega profile 50 and L-profile 50.

Tunneling Journal


Download the Tunneling Journal magazine, featuring our work in the Söderled tunnel (Stockholm).


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