Firestop Compo

The market's simplest product for fire sealing: a gypsum-based fire protection compound intended for fire sealing of penetrations in floors / walls of concrete, lightweight concrete and brick. The mass is approved for fire sealing in gypsum walls without shortening in hole edges.

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Product information

  • Type approved for continuous and broken insulation on ventilation ducts and plumbing pipes
  • Approved for installation without wall reinforcement
  • Sound rated – tested by DNV Ingemansson
  • Cable ladders do not need to be cut in the event of a breakthrough of fire cells
  • Fire technical class El 60 is already achieved with 30mm fire protection compound
  • Prefabricated blocks are also available for larger blockages
  • Can be performed walkable

TBT fire protection compound does not contain substances that are harmful to health and is approved by the Building Products Assessment.

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