Täby Brandskyddsteknik

TBT Firestop Compo

Fireproof sealing – The most easy-to use fire protection compound in the market place.

TBT:s gypsum-based fireproof sealing compound is specially developed for sealing of inlets through concrete and brick walls and floor structures. The compound is approved for use as fire sealant in gypsum walls without noggings pieces in the hole.

TBT Firestop Compo, arguably the most easy-to-use system of its kind, is approved by Byggvarubedömningen (Sweden).

  • Type-approved for inlets and broken insulation on ventilation pipes and ducts
  • Approved for application without any wall reinforcement
  • Tested and rated for acoustic properties by DNV Ingemansson
  • Cable trays do not need to be cut when penetrating fire compartments
  • Fire protection class EI 60 is achieved with only 30 mm of fire protection compound
  • Prefabricated blocks available also for larger fillings
  • Can be applied to be used for temporary walking loads

TBT fire protection compound does not contain any potentially hazardous substances.