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  • Your passive fire protection

”At TBT we have many years of experience with preventive fire protection, from inventory and planning to coating, insulation and sectioning.”

Thomas Wallén, Manager Passive Fire Protection


Knowledge about risks as well ass efficient preventive measures are an essential part of your fire protection. We can help you with:

  • Inventory of your existing fire protection
  • Counselling
  • Training (See our educational program.)
  • Documentation


We provide all kinds of preventive measures in all types of buildings, infrastructure, tunnels and other assets. The earlier in the construction or renovation process we are involved, the more money you can save while at the same time ensuring effective fire protection.


We have extensive experience from preventive fire protection in conjunction with new building as well as renovation projects:

  • Fire sealing
  • Fire coating
  • Fire safety insulation
  • Fire sectioning, etc.


Demands for fire safety are particularly high in tunnels, rock shelters and other subterranean spaces. Täby Brandskyddsteknik offers world-leading competence in this area. We also undertake other types of functional and aesthetical surface treatment in tunnels.

Fireproof sealing

TBT conducts professional fire sealing in floor structures and in walls.

Regulations for fire sealing are provided by the relevant authorities (in Sweden: Boverkets ByggnadsRegler, BBR). Any installation that would penetrate a fire-rated construction must be protected so it does not compromise the building’s fire resistance. Therefore, a building is divided into fire compartments, each one designed to resist fire during a specified length of time, for example EI30, EI60, EI90 and EI120.

The initial letters represent E = integrity (density) and I = insulation, regardless of the type of installation. Plumbing, electrical or ventilation installations penetrating the fire cell must be properly sealed to ensure that it does not create a weak point. (Numbers refer to minutes.)






TBT can inspect the existing properties to prevent future fire hazards. Depending on your specific needs and requirements we can:

  • Evaluate the properties at hand to get a complete inventory of the current fire protection situation
  • Check all parts of the existing fire protection and, if needed, suggest proper measures
  • Carry out any passive fire protection measures required
  • Document and present all measures taken
  • Set up or revise existing routines for systematic fire protection (in Sweden known as SBA).

Fire coating

Structural steel, concrete, wood, textiles and other surface layers

The fire resistance of a structural construction is classified as R30, R60, R90, etc. The letter R stands for Resistance and the number represents the number of minutes that, for example, the construction would stay intact and carry the load in case of a fire.
The amount of fire safety coating applied to meet the prescribed fire protection classification depends on several factors: type of building (one, two or multiple stories) which defines the fire resistance classification; the static utilization of the construction load in the case of a fire; and F/A = the ratio between the surface exposed to fire and the sectional area of the steel profile at hand.
Based on these parameters, the amount of required coating is calculated.
We are authorized to perform fire safety coating with Envirograf HWO1 and HWO2, which provides EI class wood. It will also meet demands for K210 – Bs1do (inflammable surface).

Fire insulation

Steel, concrete, tunnels and structural wood constructions

As an alternative to structural fire coating you may use stone wool or various types of clad sheets (with gypsum, calcium silicate, etc.) for fire insulation.
Dimensioning of fire retardant materials is based on the same parameters as dimensioning of fire coating, i.e. type of building, static utilization, fire curves and F/A.
Fire protection of a surface layer is categorized according to various classifications, for example European Standard B-s1, dO (formerly surface layer class 1), inflammable surface. Optimizing the surface layer of a fire compartment is imperative to control the generation and dispersion of smoke during the early phase of fire.

Fire safety sectioning

Täby Brandskyddsteknik offers complete installation of fire and smoke curtains, fire doors and fire safety sectioning using fire protection cloth.

Systematic fire prevention (SBA)

It’s all about internal controls to reduce fire hazards

In Sweden MSB, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, have published General guidelines and commentaries regarding Systematic fire prevention (SRVFS 2004:3). The publication states that a reasonable level of fire prevention requires systematic measures, like maintaining effective routines, if a fire should occur.

Trained Fire protection leaders

A number of designated TBT employees have undergone special training as Fire protection leaders. They can assist you in everything from inventory and training to a complete program for Systematic fire prevention.  Please contact us for more detailed information and estimate.

Materials for passive fire protection

  • TBT Firestop Compo – The most easy-to use product for fireproof sealing available on the market. Based on gypsum, this sealing compound is specially developed for sealing of inlets through walls and floor structures. The compound is approved for use as fire sealant in gypsum walls without noggings pieces in the hole.
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  • TBT Firestop 50 – A fire-rated acrylic joint for fire protection of joints, holes and other openings in construction elements separating different fire compartments. This includes, for example, the assembly of hollow core elements, shaft and gypsum walls, and technical inlets of cables, pipes and ducts.
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  • TBT Firestop 110 – An expanding fire-rated graphite joint for the sealing of plastic pipes, cables and openings in construction elements separating different fire compartments, solid concrete, brick (etc.) construction elements (walls and floor structures).
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  • TBT Firestop Tunnel – A combined fire protection and moisture-resistant single-component compound. Flexible also after hardening. Flue gas proof, aging-, and climate resistant between -30oC and +150oC. The material is treated against molding and can be painted.
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