Passive fire protection

Fire protection material

For an efficient and reliable fire seal, Täby BrandskyddsTeknik uses TBT Firestop® fire seal products. TBT Firestop® is used for installation penetrations and pipe penetrations between fire cells so that the tightness of the fire cells can be maintained with a secured fire safety function. All products are approved by Sunda Hus, Byggvarubedömningen and Svanens Husproduktportal.

Fire protection materials for different uses

  • TBT Firestop® Compo – Fire protection compound intended for fire sealing of pipe penetrations in walls and floors. The product is gypsum-based and has a very wide range of uses – ideal for most types of fire seals. TBT Firestop® Compo is also approved for use in plaster walls without connections in hollow edges.
  • TBT Firestop® 50 – Acrylic-based sealant for fire sealing of holes, joints and similar openings in fire cell separation constructions. Excellent for, for example, installation of shaft and plaster walls, hollow core elements, as well as technical penetrations for ducts, cables and pipes. TBT Firestop® 50 is also approved by the Building Products Assessment and has LEED and VOC certificates.
  • TBT Firestop® 110 – An expanding graphite joint ideal for sealing cables, plastic pipes and openings in fire compartment separating building parts. The product is also excellent for solid building components in lightweight concrete (floors and walls), bricks, and lightweight walls (walls of plaster). TBT Firestop® 110 is approved by the Building Products Assessment, and has VOC and LEED certificates.
  • TBT Firestop® Tunnel – A fire protection material in the form of a 1-component compound that is fire-protective and moisture-resistant at the same time. TBT Firestop® Tunnel is flue gas tight, age resistant, temperature resistant between -30 ° c to + 150 ° c, and flexible even after it has hardened. In addition, the material is fully overpaintable, and anti-mold treated.

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