Passive fire protection

Fire protection inventory - inventory of fire cells

Existing buildings need continuous supervision to maintain their fire protection. TBT® helps you with a full-scale fire protection inventory and mapping of risk factors and any deficiencies between fire cells. Measures are documented with self-checks. but we also offer photo documentation.

Building technical fire protection

Step 1 

Step 1 is a current situation analysis. We perform a survey of the buildings / properties and identify risks that may arise, as well as map existing fire protection such as building technical fire protection. In addition to this, a fire protection inventory also means reviewing the staff / building user’s knowledge of, and opportunities to use, the existing fire protection.

Step 2

Step 2 involves fixing and preparing action plans.

Basically, it is the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning’s Building Regulations (BBR) that define what constitutes adequate fire protection – often the building technical fire protection. With these as guidelines, we create a measure of action based on existing fire protection. We can remedy any deficiencies regarding the building technical fire protection, as well as revise or establish measures for your systematic fire protection work. Of course, we keep documentation and report all our implemented measures.

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