Passive fire protection

Fire coating and fire protection impregnation

Täby BrandskyddsTeknik performs fire protection painting of surface layers on load-bearing structures in both wood, steel, concrete and also on cables. In the event of a fire, the painted surface swells up and forms a protective, insulating surface layer that effectively helps to protect the load-bearing structure.

Fire protection painting and fire resistance

The fire resistance of load-bearing structures is denoted by class designations R30, R60, R90. R stands for load-bearing capacity (resistance) and the number indicates the time in minutes that the construction fulfills its load-bearing function in the event of a fire.

The amount of fire protection paint applied to achieve the prescribed fire protection class depends on the following factors:

  • type of building (one-, two- or multi-storey building) which determines the current fire technical class,
  • the static utilization rate of the structure in the load case fire
  • F / A = the ratio between fire-exposed surface and cross-sectional area on the current steel profile.
  • infrastructure

Based on these conditions, the amount of paint required for adequate preventive fire protection is then calculated.

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Fire protection painting for cables

Fire protection painting on cables is an important process to increase safety in the event of a fire. The cables are treated with a fire retardant to reduce the risk of fire. Fire protection painting on cables means that the surface of the cables is sprayed or brushed with a fire retardant that forms a protective film when it has dried. Fire protection painting on cables is often used in public buildings, such as

  • hospital
  • schools
  • office buildings.

The reason is that many people live in these environments and there is also valuable property that needs to be protected. This fire protection paint is also used in industrial environments where the risk of fire is high. It is important to regularly check and maintain fire painted surfaces as the fire retardant can lose its effectiveness over time.

Fire impregnation for wood and fire impregnation for textiles

Wood and textiles are flammable materials where fire and dangerous smoke can spread quickly. It is therefore perfect for fire painting and fire impregnating wood and textiles. The materials are more flammable and therefore very good for fire painting.

Fire protection painting concrete

Concrete is generally a fire-resistant building material, but it can still weaken and thus lose its structural integrity and does not crack at high temperatures. Fire protection paint on concrete therefore helps prevent the concrete from losing its structural integrity by creating a protective film that delays the spread of fire and heat to the concrete. Fire protection painting on concrete is usually a requirement in buildings where there are high fire risks, such as

  • chemical factories
  • industrial warehouses
  • parking garage.

As with other fire protection measures, it is important that it is regularly checked and maintained to ensure safe protection and that it is effective.

Basic painting

Primer painting with fire retardants is an important process for increasing the fire safety of buildings. It is very common to paint fire protection in public premises such as

  • hospital
  • nursing homes
  • library
  • schools and more.

These types of buildings often have load-bearing steel structures that are protected with fire-resistant paint. The special paints used for fire protection painting work by swelling the paint and forming a porous and heat-insulating layer. The layer protects the wood or steel and also the underlying material. Primer painting with fire protection paint means that you can greatly extend the time for both evacuation and extinguishing work, which in turn saves more lives.

Fire protection painter

It is important to always hire experts such as fire protection painters for fire protection painting and fire impregnation. By hiring experienced expertise when fire painting a home. This is very important so that you use the right products. It is therefore of great importance to combine products that are intended to be used together, otherwise the fire protection will only have a small, or in the worst case, no effect at all. In most cases, it is also possible to paint over fire protection paint with ordinary paint, but then the color you use is intended to be used together with the fire protection paint. With fire protection painting, it gives rescue personnel more time when there is a fire, and together with us at TBT, fire safety is created in all types of premises.

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