What is systematic fire protection work?

Systematic fire protection is a type of active fire protection. This means that an organization or business plans, controls and documents in the property. The Swedish Rescue Services Agency's general advice on fire protection work, SRVFS 2004: 3, and Swedish law regulate whose responsibility the work is. This means that the person who owns a property and has a business in it is responsible for the systematic fire protection work.

Examples of systematic fire protection work

How should employees act if it starts to burn? Does everyone know where the gathering place is, or who ensures that everyone vacated the building? And what do you do if it turns out to be a false alarm?

A systematic fire protection work is about establishing plans for how to do in dangerous situations – and that everyone in the organization knows about the plan.

What, and how much, should be included in the fire protection work for your particular building depends on what type of organization or business is conducted and how large it is. Common examples of the content of a systematic fire protection work are:

  • That there is a fire protection policy
  • That there is a person who is responsible for fire protection
  • That regular inspections of fire protection are carried out
  • Establish rules and preparedness

We help you with your systematic fire protection work

We at Täby Fire Protection Technology help you in the work with your systematic fire protection work. Our fire safety trainers come out to you where you work and help you draw up a plan for the systematic fire protection work.

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