What is fire protection?

Fire protection is the preventive measures taken to protect people, buildings and materials from fire and smoke. Both fires and smoke development are behind many injuries and deaths. In fact, up to half of the insurance companies' payments each year take place after fire accidents.

According to the Act on Accidents, LSO 2004: 2, the entire responsibility for ensuring that there is a functioning fire protection lies with the property owner.
There are also a number of regulations and rules for the design of the various fire protection systems, both at Swedish level and EU level.

Fire protection is categorized into two groups – active and passive fire protection, which in collaboration means that you achieve good fire protection.

What is active fire protection?

An active fire protection is activated in the event of a fire. The operation can be manual, but is usually automatic. It can be for example:

  • Fire alarm
  • Fire doors
  • First aid – bag
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Fire curtains
  • Smoke hatches

It is important that the building’s active fire protection is up to date and that you are sure that it works. A common test is fire drills when the fire alarm is started and you practice evacuating. But it is also important that you perform service and inspection of the other equipment, and that you, for example, always ensure that the contents of the First Aid bag are filled.

What is passive fire protection?

A passive fire protection is often part of the building’s construction. The protection means that you can have time to evacuate a property, that the spread of fire or smoke is limited and that the building is protected. Already when constructing a building, one should consider the passive fire protection, for example in the choice of materials for construction and insulation.

Do you need help with your fire protection?

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