Counseling and training

Information and knowledge how to eliminate the risks, and how to act if a fire should occur anyway, are at the core of preventive fire safety. TBT offers a wide course and seminar program for building constructors as well as real estate owners, tenants and consultants.

“Fire protection, and all work related to that, begins with knowledge. We would be pleased to share our insight and experience with you – the earlier in the project, the greater opportunity for you to save time and money.”

Arne Holm, Täby BrandskyddsTeknik

Inventory and counseling

A preventive inventory of the fire protection status in existing buildings you may prevent a potentially disastrous fire situation. We can:

  • Inventory real estate and provide an updated overview of the current fire prevention status
  • Check and evaluate all parts of the existing fire protection in detail
  • Work out recommendations for improvement
  • Carry out construction engineering work relating to fire prevention, and duly present/document any measures taken.

Establish or revise your routines for Systematic fire prevention (SBA)

Customized courses

We also offer customized courses and seminars for companies and institutions with specific needs, interests and circumstances.

These events can be carried out in larger or smaller groups – in your place or ours.

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