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”Having access to all products, systems and services required in fire-safe building in one place have significant advantages.”

Stefan Jahr, Active fire protection


TBT offers a complete range of products and services for active fire protection and systematic fire protection work. From evacuation plans for buildings and building sites to alarms, fire extinguishing equipment, signs, emergency lighting, heat and smoke vents and first aid kits.


Today, equipment for measures to be taken in case of sudden cardiac arrest is available in most public spaces. It should also be a given on construction sites and in offices, warehouses and so forth. We can help you choose the right equipment, decide the best locations for it, and train your employees to use it.


We offer a complete range of efficient alarms as well as products for containing fire and smoke, including:

  • Fire alarm hubs
  • Fire and evacuation alarms
  • Fire curtains
  • Fire doors
  • Heat and smoke vents
  • Control and servicing of existing equipment
  • Annual service agreements


We can help you choose, dimension and place the fire extinguishing equipment to provide the best possible protection, if a fire should occur in your buildings:

  • Powder extinguishers
  • Foam extinguishers
  • CO2 extinguishers
  • Hydrants
  • Extinguishing systems
  • Control and servicing of existing systems
  • Annual service agreements


We customize solutions for fast and easy evacuation without compromising the function and comfort of the facilities at hand.

  • Evacuation plans and other information
  • After-glowing evacuation signs
  • Reference and guiding signs
  • Easily rectified obstacles
  • Tread markers, etc.
  • Control and servicing of existing systems
  • Annual service agreements

Extinguishing equipment

TBT stocks a wide range of approved powder, foam and CO2 extinguishers, as well as spare parts and related accessories.


TBT offers a complete range of signs, from emergency, mandatory and warning signs to tactile signs and signs for direction, transport, comfort and convenience. We can also help you with customized signs for your various needs.

Emergency lights, emergency and directional armatures

TBT offers advisory services and leading products in this area. The product range is based on future-safe LED technology. We consistently strive towards efficient energy utilization, functional and aesthetic design, and environmentally optimized products. Regardless of placement, we can always find the right product for you.

Fire and evacuation alarms

Our conventional fire alarm central offers several advanced functions which is nevertheless easy to install, program and use. This evacuation alarm system is ideal for facilities without the need for addressable systems (schools, daycare centers, restaurants, offices, shops, public buildings and more).
The central can be complemented with your choice of peripherals such as conventional detectors, alarm buttons, audiovisual warning etc. After installation TBT can offer an annual service agreement for the entire system.

Fire and smoke curtains

Fire and smoke curtains enable you to keep wider open spaces, i.e. not divided by permanent firewalls. You will, for example, find TBT:s fire and smoke curtains at Stockholm’s international airport, Arlanda. The equipment is installed to ensure that a potential fire will not spread to surrounding parts of the airport building. TBT can project and carry out any such installations according to your individual needs and preferences, and the particular conditions on site.

Fire door closing

The system comprises a TBT controller unit, smoke detectors, and door magnets. One or several smoke detectors can be connected to the central unit. If and when smoke reaches a detector, the alarm light on the controller unit lights up, the electric circuit to the magnets is cut, and the fore door closes. TBT offers various solutions to match a variety of doors.

Smoke hatches

Functioning smoke gas ventilation minimizes damages in case of a fire. Smoke hatches are usually installed in stairwells, in apartment buildings as well as industrial and other buildings.
Smoke hatches are available in various sizes, designs and with alternative control solutions.
TBT also offers a cassette hatch, usually installed in conjunction with stairwell renovations. Contrary to the other products in the range, the cassette hatch opens downwards.

Easily rectified obstacles

TBT can help identifying and rectify various kinds of “easily rectified obstacles”. This may, for example, include the development and application of floor and tread markers, glass and door markers and more.

First aid and defibrillators

Fire extinguishers and first aid kits are a natural part of today’s workplaces. So it should be the case of one or more defibrillators. Step by step, the defibrillator guides the helper with easy-to-follow voice, symbols or text.
TBT can evaluate your needs and recommend the most functional placement of the equipment. We deliver and install the equipment and provide all the information and training that you may need.
We can also provide you with a practical assortment of first aid kits from Cederroths, suitable for your building or construction site.

Systematic fire prevention (SBA)

The following is an excerpt from the official webpage of the Swedish Fire Protection Association:

Everybody should work systematically with fire prevention. This means that you shall methodically inventory your need for fire protection, make sure that it works, and that everybody concerned has the knowledge and equipment needed to prevent a fire.

SBA applies to all organizations, regardless of size and type of operation. Management has the ultimate responsibility, but persons in charge of general safety or fire prevention are also important in this context, together with all other employees.

According to the Swedish Law for the prevention of accidents, the responsibility for ensuring preventive measures in principle falls directly on the owner or user of a building or other facility.

Täby Brandskyddsteknik would be pleased to provide all necessary information and training regarding SBA.


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