Active fire protection

Systematic fire prevention (SBA)

According to the law and the Swedish Rescue Services Agency's General Council and comments on systematic fire protection work (SRVFS 2004: 3), the person who owns a building and conducts business in it, must also be responsible for conducting systematic fire protection work.

SBA – systematic fire protection work

Täby BrandskyddsTeknik offers training and information on systematic fire protection work. It is important to ensure that all measures regarding fire protection have been undertaken and that everyone in the organization has adequate knowledge. Systematic fire protection work (SBA) means that being well understood with the routines spm must be followed in the event of a fire. Basically, the systematic fire protection work is about internal control so that the organization itself has as good control and order as possible on its fire protection.

Systematic fire protection work with documentation

The type of systematic fire protection work required and how extensive it should be is governed by the type and size of the organization / company / business. Regardless of the scope of fire protection, there must always be a fire protection officer within the organization who is responsible for:

  • the existing fire protection
  • how the different parts interact and work,
    regular inspections of the fire protection to ensure
  • their maintained function
  • and handle the documentation of these completed inspections.

We are happy to help you with your systematic fire protection work

Our trained fire protection leaders are happy to help you with the establishment of a systematic fire protection work. We can also assist with inventories and training in preventive fire protection. Welcome to hear from you, and we will find a solution for your specific needs!