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Fire shutter

Fire shutters are used in various environments to create a need for protection. In a proud collaboration with Stöbich, we at TBT have fire curtains and fire blinds for different environments and protection needs. A fire shutter is available in several materials, such as metal, steel and synthetic material, to be able to fulfill different functions. In places where fire sections are to be used daily, a metal fire shutter is the best choice. They are hardy, durable and provide some shell protection. There are also fire shutters with a sound dampening effect, which is perfect for, for example, dining rooms, conference rooms and other spaces where you want to be able to demarcate for different purposes without disturbing noise.

Fire shutters from Stöbich

In premises where there are flammable materials, it is especially important to have fire protection of the highest safety class, and steel fire shutters are preferable. Steel fire shutters are well suited for industries and shopping centers.

Where fire sectioning will only be used in the event of a fire, fire shutters in the form of slats in synthetic material are a good and cost-effective solution while being safe. Together with Stöbich, we work at TBT with all types of fire shutters. You are most welcome to contact us at Täby BrandskyddsTeknik if you need more information about our fire blinds and which one suits you best.

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