Active fire protection

Fire and smoke curtains

Do you need to divide larger open areas where there are no fixed firewalls? It is possible with fire and smoke curtains. Täby BrandskyddsTeknik designs and implements installations in accordance with individual wishes and local conditions.

This is how fire curtains and smoke curtains work

The technology behind the construction means that the fire curtains close automatically if a signal comes from the fire alarm. They are made of a special fabric that is fire rated in the classes:

  • E – can protect openings of up to 30 meters
  • EW – fire curtain with safety distance
  • EI – the most common classification. A combination of E-rated curtain and a sprinkler system.

An essential part when installing fire curtains is that they must achieve the same requirements for fire safety as the wall on which they are installed. Usually the curtain is rolled up and protected inside a steel structure. When the fire alarm goes off, the mechanism is released and the fire curtain is raised. When it is no longer needed, it is rolled up automatically. Adjacent to the curtain is a control system with control panel.

The task of the smoke curtain is to limit the spread of gases in the event of a fire. It is an effective way to facilitate evacuation and to protect people, as it is the smoke that accounts for the most deaths in fire accidents. Täby BrandskyddsTeknik provides smoke curtains that work according to the same technical principles as fire curtains, and curtains that you can go through to evacuate. There are also sectioning smoke curtains that effectively curb the development of smoke and prevent it from spreading.

Who needs fire curtains?

There are many different application areas for fire curtains and smoke curtains. What they have in common is that they are often open and large areas where, due to the area of ​​use, walls cannot be built to increase fire safety – but where it is at the same time important to protect people, premises and objects. For example:

  • Industrial premises
  • Public spaces
  • Municipal buildings
  • Hospital
  • Shopping center

Get your fire curtains at TBT

With fire curtains and smoke curtains, you get protection that when not in use is virtually invisible.

They are therefore well suited for places where there are aesthetic requirements for the space. The curtains are manufactured according to current standards and are CE marked.

You are very welcome to contact Täby BrandskyddsTeknik and we will tell you more about how we can help you with fire and smoke curtains!