Active fire protection

Fire and evacuation alarms

When the damage has already occurred and the development of smoke or fire is a fact, the only important thing is to evacuate the premises and switch on the extinguishing work as soon as possible. By installing an effective fire or evacuation alarm allows for an early detection of fire that you can thus take control of. TBT offers fire alarm centers and different types of fire alarms.

Fire alarm

Fire alarm center

We at TBT help your organization with service agreements for services and service of the facility, by signing an annual service agreement. Our fire alarm center offers several advanced functions, while being easy to install, program and use. The control panel receives information from several sections simultaneously, and controls alarms and fire doors. We at TBT also have a wide selection of supplementary content, such as conventional detectors, alarm buttons, audiovisual warning and more. We are happy to help you design the right facility for you and your business.

Our evacuation alarm is ideal for rooms that do not require addressable systems, for example:

  • Schools
  • Preschools
  • Restaurants
  • Office
  • Shops
  • Other public buildings

Fire alarm or automatic fire alarm?

The function of the fire or evacuation alarm is to warn people who are in a building, in order to get them to evacuate the building. The sound usually consists of sirens, but sometimes spoken messages occur. Most people are probably familiar with the fire alarm that is started by pressing an alarm button.

Automatic alarms use detectors that detect smoke and fire. The automatic alarm then starts an evacuation alarm and often also creates contact with the rescue service.

Requirement for evacuation alarm

In the case of new construction, there is today a requirement for automatic fire alarms in all premises where people sleep, such as homes, hotels and care facilities. In buildings where many people gather, there are requirements for evacuation alarms to be present.