Active fire protection

An active fire protection detects the fire in time. With a complete active fire protection, it is ensured to detect, warn, evacuate, smoke-evacuate, limit the fire and more - when the danger is present. The most favorable is when actively and passively complement each other.

When life and property are at stake, it is very important to have functional fire protection. In the first place, most people may think of fire alarms, and in the second place sprinkler systems as active forms of fire protection. But the fact is that there are many more aspects of active fire protection.

Täby BrandskyddsTeknik offers a complete range of products and services for active fire protection and systematic fire protection work.

Products in active fire protection

  • Signs
  • Fire and evacuation alarm
  • Fire doors
  • First aid
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Emergency lighting
  • Fire curtains & Smoke curtains
  • Smoke hatches

Systematic fire prevention (SBA) and first aid

Täby BrandskyddsTeknik offers information, training, planning and control of fire protection work. Methodologically, we go through what is required and that everyone involved has the knowledge to prevent and limit damage in the event of a fire.

All about active fire protection

Fire and smoke curtains

Fire and smoke curtains enable you to keep wider open spaces, i.e. not divided by permanent firewalls. You will, for example, find TBT:s fire and smoke curtains at Stockholm’s international airport, Arlanda. The equipment is installed to ensure that a potential fire will not spread to surrounding parts of the airport building. TBT can project and carry out any such installations according to your individual needs and preferences, and the particular conditions on site.

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First aid and defibrillators

Fire extinguishers and first aid kits are a natural part of today’s workplaces. So it should be the case of one or more defibrillators. Step by step, the defibrillator guides the helper with easy-to-follow voice, symbols or text.
TBT can evaluate your needs and recommend the most functional placement of the equipment. We deliver and install the equipment and provide all the information and training that you may need.

We can also provide you with a practical assortment of first aid kits from Cederroths, suitable for your building or construction site.

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Systematic fire prevention (SBA)

The following is an excerpt from the official webpage of the Swedish Fire Protection Association:

Everybody should work systematically with fire prevention. This means that you shall methodically inventory your need for fire protection, make sure that it works, and that everybody concerned has the knowledge and equipment needed to prevent a fire.

SBA applies to all organizations, regardless of size and type of operation. Management has the ultimate responsibility, but persons in charge of general safety or fire prevention are also important in this context, together with all other employees.

According to the Swedish Law for the prevention of accidents, the responsibility for ensuring preventive measures in principle falls directly on the owner or user of a building or other facility.

Täby BrandskyddsTeknik would be pleased to provide all necessary information and training regarding SBA.

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