Täby Brandskyddsteknik

15 maj, 2019

Cityringen in Copenhagen

Finally, after 25 months of work (7 years including discussions and negotiations), starting with a 4-months contract in 2016, we completed the fire protection works in the Cityringen metro line in Copenhagen for Copenhagen Metro Team.

We worked out the design for: Light weight over track smoke exhaust ceiling. Niche covers for cable niches with EI120 fire rating and a possibility of cable inlets/outlets. Smoke barriers of the platform screen doors to avoid smoke entering the platform area in case of a fire. Removable panels to replace easily the M&E equipment after 25 years with fire, acoustic and pressure load ratings. Fire, acoustic, load rated partitions, some of them smoke and airtight up to 7m of height.

We worked in 17 stations and 3 access shafts, installing 4.000 sqm of over track exhaust ceiling, more than 150 niche covers, 1.500 sqm of smoke barrier, 150 removable panels, 130 partition and shaft walls over the 25 months. It has been a really challenging project regarding logistics, access and coordination of the works.

We thank CMT for the good partnership and the confidence in our expertise and knowledge.

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